ABS-ESP Long Code calculator-Helper v2.1

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ABS-ESP Long Code calculator-Helper v2.1


Calculate ABS Long coding for 18 byte and 19 byte Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkwagen ABS type MK60EC1.

Tool suports over 20 car types including Audi A8, Volkswagen Golf (5 and 6 generations), Skoda Octavia and many more.

Supported ABS models:

MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AD
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AE
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AM
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AN
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AP
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BA
MK60EC1 2K0-907-37x-C
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AH
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AJ
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AS
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-AT
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BB
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BC
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BD
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BE
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BF
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BG
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BH
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BJ
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BK
MK60EC1 1K0-907-37x-BL
MK60EC1 2K0-907-37x-D
MK60EC1 5C0-907-37x-C

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