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BMW CCC module repair manual iDrive repair

BMW CCC iDrive repair for all faults, detailed repair instrucion!!!

The most common symptoms of a BMW CCC failure:

CCC iDrive reset: the CCC head unit reboots continuously, as a result your screen cycles between the BMW logo and a black screen
The CCC iDrive does not boot completely: when started, it remains stuck on the BMW logo.
The iDrive is fully functional on some days, but fails to boot successfully on other days, most likely when the weather is warmer.
The CCC head unit functions when the car is cold, but fails to work when the car is warm
The CCC iDrive is completely non functional, as a result your screen remains black. No navigation functions can be controlled from iDrive controller anymore.
The cooling fan of the CCC iDrive remains on, consequently draining the car battery
The iDrive sat nav does not eject the CD / DVD anymore when pressing the Eject button.
The CCC console buttons lights remain always on

The less common symptoms of a BMW CCC failure:

You sometimes see graphical disturbances (horizontal and vertical lines) on the screen. If these graphical anomalies appear at the same time as the CCC iDrive reboots, then the strange lines on the screen are most likely caused by a faulty CCC, not by a faulty display.
Total lack of sound. If you don’t have a separate sound amplifier module, then the lack of sound is likely caused by the CCC iDrive.
Disturbing noise: sound parasites, crackling noise, screeching noise after a dead battery / disconnecting the battery / replacing the battery.

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