Mitsubishi & PSA ETACS Decoder

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Mitsubishi & PSA ETACS Decoder

Propose to participate in the testing and development of programs for reading, decoding, encoding and writing codings in blocks ETACS for Mitsubishi / Peugeot / Citroen. (for example 8637A313-322, 641-644, 914) Mitsubishi LanserX, Mitsubishi OutlanderXL, Mitsubishi ASX and clones (as Peugeot 4007, 4008, Citroen C-Crosser etc.) Now the program reads the blocks, but does not record all the blocks. For those wishing to participate: 1. After connect Lexia-3, manually change the original driver on the attached (!!!) 2. Order of connection cables and run the program does not matter. 3. Connection Menu -> ETACS -> Connect to Lexia-3 4. If your VIN and for the block correctly, you can change the coding 5. After changing the coding press "Encode", then "Write to Etacs". Most asked to send logs of the program Also, some parts of the program is encrypted so that some antivirus swear. In fact, no viruses. The program is able to: 1. Read / Write Variant-Coding 2. Read / Write Custom-coding 3. Scan DiagBox-logs and take coding-string from it (Variant and Custom) 3. Compare two coding-string (Variant and Custom) New: + Write Custom-coding + Checking the version of Lexia-3 - Error of encoding customization + Read & Decode KON-files + ETACS 644 Full support (ASX, XL2012/13MY) + Read Injection ECU reference and Coding

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