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  1. Race 2000 v6.32.351

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    RACE is a professional application system for engine control units, emerging from the large producer multitude by a simple use and a great independence, fulfilling all demands of an integrated developed environment in the following points: - User-friendly due to short time to learn the use of the program - Flexible structure as a modular system and extension option by a great variety of additional tools - Automatic conversion of hexadecimal/decimal data set into relevant parameters (ignition timing, boost pressure, etcÖ). - Table data sets, 2-D linear and 3-D chart graphical representation of complete data sets and specific maps identified - Parallel representation of complete data sets and single maps visualization - Graphical/numerical representation of the difference between original and modified parameters - OBDII serial reading and programming operations - Real time checksum recalculation modules RACE2000 6.32.351 + 67 checkum families + more than 1.000 orignal files + license for 1 PC

    Race 2000 v6.32.351

    Preis:  80.00€

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