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  1. DAF davie unlocker tool.jpg

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    DAF DAVIE UNLOCKER TOOL This tool unlocks the Davie. It gives you more privlages in davie and access to paramaters and adjustments in different vehicles Switch DAVIE software into special SERVICE mode, with high level access, where tests & adjustments etc ..can be performed. ASTRONIC- ECU information`s (service level), possibility to reset clutch overload, transmission overheat, low air pressure DMCI- Fuel adjustment DMCI- Delete information after and before stop-frame EAS- Possibility to record parameters EAS- Temperature level , pressure level , emission level , review EAS- Programming - reset of blocked ECU EURO3- UPEC- programming engine curve (To increase Horse Power)

    DAF davie unlocker tool.jpg

    Preis:  500.00€

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