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  1. BMW Inpa Ediabas v5.06

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    Engineering complex BMW Inpa / Ediabas until recently used by the staff of all the departments and branches of BMW for the development, debugging, and testing of electronic control units of vehicles manufactured by concern. In addition to the engineering functions of a complex also has comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Thanks to its original purpose scanner provides access to any vehicle computers. The read parameters of real time and test actuators allow the correctness of any control, whether it be a button or potentiometer. If desired, you can track the status of each damper climate control unit, or adjust the volume of the radio by connecting via the diagnostic connector PC. Opportunities BMW Inpa / Ediabas: Fault codes; Deleting fault codes; Read parameters of real time; Reads the contents of the computer memory; Conformity check codes VIN and mileage car in various computer memory; Coding of ECU; Activation of the actuators; Emulation of different computer; Activation / deactivation of engineering functions. Read more:

    BMW Inpa Ediabas v5.06

    Preis:  90.00€

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