Mercedes Detroit CPC3 Drive module repair instruction

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Detailed Repair instruction for CONTINENTAL CPC3 electronic modules present on the new generations of Mercedes BENZ and Detroit (trucks, coaches, heavy equipment, etc.).

Part code:
A0034463002 / 001, A0034463002 / 001, A0034463002, A0034463002
A0034466002 / 001, A0034466002 / 001, A0034466002, A0034466002
A0034467202 / 001, A0034467202 / 001, A003 4467202, A0034467202
A0034466302 / 001, A0034466302 / 001, A003 4466302, A0034466302
A2C32535101, A2C32927202

Possible problems / symptoms:

Accelerator pedal (even if the wires have been checked or the pedal has changed, the errors persist)
Failure to communicate
The engine runs chaotically + cascading errors from CPC to MCM, etc
Other possible errors

These units were installed in Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 trucks. A common cause of malfunction is a malfunction of the gas pedal, and thus the vehicle goes into emergency mode. But we also encountered a complete failure of CAN bus communication with other units in the vehicle.
The most common problems:

Accelerator Pedal Malfunction (DTC: AFFFEC, 3F0A08, 5B0008, 0DF0E3, 0BF0E3, 25F0E3, 24F0E3)
CAN-BUS communication errors
Vehicle emergency mode
DTC: ACFFEE and ADFFEE - Faulty control unit
DTC: EEF7ED - faulty parameters in the control unit
DTC: 460003 and 0F0E03 - CPC - short to positive

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