Chiploader v1.97

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Chiploader v1.97

Chiploader v1.97 ChipLoader Program is designed to read/write FLASH and EEPROM memory of the following ECM: January-5.x; January-7.2; VS-5.1; Bosch M7.9.7, M7.9.7+; Micahs-7.1; Micahs-7.6; Bosch ME 7.1; Bosch ME 7.5; As well as read / write FLASH memory of the following ECM: Micahs-10.3 (possibly read / write via diagnostic connector); Micahs-10.3 + (Micahs-11) (possibly read / write via diagnostic connector); Bosch ME 7.5.10; ?????-11 (?????????? ???); VS-8; January-7.2 +; Kefico M 7.9.7; Bosch M 7.9.8 (Kia, Hyundai); Bosch ME 7.9.7; Bosch ME 7.9.9 (Chevrolet Captiva); Bosch MP-7.0 (read / write field calibrations, the record FullFlash ECU); Siemens 5WY SIMK41, SIMK43 (2 razaema, cars, KIA, Hyundai) Siemens 5WY SIMK31 (2 razaema, car Chery QQ) Siemens 5WY (5 razaemov, cars, KIA, Hyundai) Siemens EMS 3132 (?????????? Renault, Dacia) Siemens MS43 (?????????? BMW) Sirius (?????????? Daewoo, Chevrolet) The above ECU installed on cars VAZ, GAZ, Daewoo Sens, Daewoo Lanos 1.4, ZAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Chery, Geely, Renault, Dacia, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW. Key Features: Function to add software protection against readout (only for the computer in January-5.x, VS-5.1). Read / write dual-mode software (for the ECU, which support this feature). Function of removing the immobilizer (ECU only for January-5.x, VS-5.1). Translation of the computer in diagnostic mode with the ability to automatically start the diagnostic program. Working with custom database files. The ability to integrate into the program ChipExplorer. Opportunity to extend the functionality by using plug-ins. Working with different formats firmware. Function testirovaniya K-Line adapter. The program is adapted to work on netbooks. Enhanced functionality through the use of external plug-ins: Restore the computer memory EEPROM dump Micahs-6.7 Copy information IMMO ECU Siemens 5WY, Sirius, Siemens EMS 3132 Determine the version of software (for ECU family in January-5.x, VS-1, Micahs-7.x) The program works with standard K-Line Adapter (as COM, or USB), which is not supplied, and can be purchased separately.

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